You can apply if you are

  • a not-for-profit group  
  • a community with shared interest  
  • an informal and grassroots neighbourhood group.

If you’re not sure, see what we don’t fund.

The projects we fund must

  • provide a public benefit and be free and open to members of the public 
  • be initiated, planned and implemented by members of the community that will benefit 
  • demonstrate community match 
  • Take place within the Tauranga City boundaries.

What does 'Community Match' mean?

We require a 50% community-match contribution from one or more of the following:

  • materials and supplies: valued at their retail or rental prices. Donors must document this value of the match
  • cash donations: from fundraising or donations with evidence such as a bank statement
  • professional services: valued at a maximum of $100 per hour. Donors must document on letterhead the value of the services being donated
  • volunteer labour: valued at 15% above the minimum wage per hour for participants over 16 years of age.

What we don’t fund

  • individual people
  • individual businesses, government agencies or departments, political parties
  • duplication of existing public or private programmes within close proximity
  • operating expenses of organisations including funding permanent staff
  • maintaining ongoing programmes, events or services
  • maintenance or deferred maintenance
  • purchase or improvement of privately owned facilities
  • funding activities that involve any alcohol, tobacco, substances and gaming
  • professional fundraising services
  • activities already completed
  • projects already funded or part-funded by Council.

Last Reviewed: 10/11/2016

Who can apply?

How Much Can I Apply For - Medium grants round is open. Apply for up to $10,000 until 31 November 2016

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